Lim Guan Eng at DAP ceramah Melaka

Speaker : Lim Guan Eng
Date : 29 Feb 2008
Venue : Dewan Pay Fong Melaka


2 Responses to Lim Guan Eng at DAP ceramah Melaka

  1. Jarod says:

    Below are the link for the speech at DJ on 29 Feb/USJ 12-1st March. Readers’ may download it for the entire speech. Please take note that it’s in WAV format. You may require Winamp if you are using Microsoft Windows Player. (Tony Pua-29 Feb)wav (Haris Ibrahim-29 Feb)wav (Dap Guest-Doctor 29 Feb)wav (Hannah Yeoh-1st Mar Usj12)mp3

  2. TEE KENG KOK says:

    Dear Guan Eng

    Congratulations for becoming Penang’s CM. You have worked hard and deserves the position.

    However, I am EXTREMELY concern about how your agendas have been brought up by the media (printed, radio and TV).

    1. DEB
    Your announcement to do away with DEB is applauded. However, RAKYAT MALAYSIA would accept better if an ALTERNATIVE is suggested.

    At the moment you are “suggesting” to TAKE AWAY the Malays’ right! You actions denotes RACISM. However, I understand you are NOT!
    > You are suggesting to elevate the RAKYATS’ socio-economic status right?

    Here is my SUGGESTION:
    1. Suggest an ALTERNATIVE to DEB – DEM, maybe?
    Dasar Ekonomi Malaysia (DEM) – a policy for all. Satu dasar untuk semua RAKYAT Malaysia.

    The media is saying that DEB benefited all races.
    > However, DEB didn’t eliminate poverty – proven, still so many people are still poor. DEB enhances CAPITALISM – the RICH gets RICHER and the POOR gets POORER.

    > DEM will eliminate poverty (full stop). Tak kira Malayu, Cina, India, atau lain-lain. Isu perkauman tidak muncul sama sekali. This way, NO RACIAL sentiment AT ALL. – and ALL happy – opposition kan shut up.

    >They are trying to play with racial sentiment. Please do not give them the emunitions…

    I beg of you…

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