DAP Ceramah in Port Klang

Raja Petra Kamarudin*

* Raja Petra Kamarudin is the founder of Malaysia Today website.

Teng Chang Kim

Venue : Port Klang
Date : 1 March 2008


3 Responses to DAP Ceramah in Port Klang

  1. harrypillai says:

    To hell with Abdullah and his gallery of idiots who is practising what happened in South Africa a decade ago. Racial politics thats it – and he and his comrades MUST be charged under the ISA

  2. harrypillai says:

    A vote for BN means a vote for the treachorous UMNO.So lets totally build a monument for them.

  3. dap supporter says:

    Dear Malaysians take the sweets given by all the idiot BN candidates.Not be obliged to vote them. They cheat us again during the election season. They practice aparteid like in Africa. Give your vote to DAP to deny the hegemony of UMNO and the other UMNO dogs MCA, Gerakan MIC

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