Raja Petra at DAP Ceramah TTDI

Speaker : Raja Petra Kamarudin


4 Responses to Raja Petra at DAP Ceramah TTDI

  1. Jarod says:

    I’m very touched to listen to your (Raja Petra) ceramah, I wish I could hear your voice in Penang also. You are right, 8 of March is very important date for me (maybe most Malaysian) to decide whether should I move out from this country, coz I do not see any future of my lovely country, my motherland. It is too corrupted, conism and nepotism, and no equality.

    I’m a 4th gneration of Chinese in Malaysia, and my nephew’s son is the 6th generation, but the Malaysia gomen and policy have marginalised us for generations, even my father was in the police field force (special constable) to fight against the communist during the darurat, but his contribution to the nation is not appreciated, we are still the second class citizen, insulted with “Balik China” and threathen by a keris.

    Let’s see the result on 8th of March.

    Makkal Sakthi
    Jarod, Penang.

  2. onus says:

    Can please upload the video to youtube or other sites? The video in Google Video just does not Work! Thanks

  3. onus says:

    Thank you! This link is much better!

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