Lim Kit Siang at USJ 12

Speaker : Lim Kit Siang
Date : 3 March 2008
Venue : USJ 12


6 Responses to Lim Kit Siang at USJ 12

  1. Jean says:

    Dear DAP Leaders,

    Have you forgotten to target your ceramah for our local assembly seats especially for Kampung Tunku & Damansara Utara? DAP need to win in the State Assembly seats too as the people is too fed-up with blantant corruption going on in the MPPJ as well in MPSJ.
    A case in point;
    For Kampung Tunku: Represented by Sheah Kok Fah of Barisan Nasional
    This Barisan candidate have been serving as MPPJ councillor all this while when the corruption of privatisation of Billboards, setting of illegal football club, deforestation of Sg. Buloh have been carried out.
    What Sheah Kok Fah have been doing? NOTHING!
    What make him think he can serve the rakyat better as a State Assemblyman when he didn’t even raise a voice to object the MPPJ’s corrupted issue during his tenure as a MPBJ’s councillor?
    Do we still trust him when he had supported and was part of MBPJ’s decision makers on all these issues?
    DAP need to expose each of these Barisan Nasional hypocrites of their past issues they have supported, their viewpoint, their selfish interest etc. etc.
    It time DAP should speak in the ceramah for each DAP candidate costituency so that the rakyat can able to make a wiser choice whether it is a Parlimentary or State Assembly seats. We need to win in all seats contested, a sent a message to the Barisan leaders, we have enough of your craps!

  2. kfkini says:

    Dear Jean,

    Please get your facts right. Sheah Kok Fah was a MPPJ councillor for a term i.e from 1998 to 2000. Please also find out what he has done during his tenure. Just do not simply pass judgment as if everyone is a crook and good for nothing! It hurts to find people like you are spreading falsehood and lies with an intention to cause untold damage. All the things that you mentioned did not happened during his tenure as the then MPPJ councillor! It is highly unfair and defamatory of you to accused him of being corrupted when he is not even there as councillor! I will alert him of what you have said, hopefully he able to defend himself and act against this falsehood perpetrated by you! I am sure you do not know him yet you have the audacity to defame him; calling him a hypocrite and doing nothing when blatant corruption happened before him, selfish etc. Please read and reflect over what you have written and see whether you have unfairly judged him. Do not call one a CRAP when you a CRAP yourself. God bless you, Jean.

  3. Rocket fan says:

    You sure sound like a Barisan-MCA fella. Probably Sheah Koh Far himself. You have lost, so just get lost! MCA are irrelevant and are rejected by the rakyat. Now, get lost. long live DAP. Keadilan, PAS, yeah…..

  4. sapu says:

    ya, I agreed with rocket fan. Why a Barisan fella visiting Dap website? Why he is defending the loser Mca. kot.. Adun himself lah. Adui… sudah kalah, jangan lah cari pasal lagi. Sore loser. That is why the rakyat rejected you…. Mca for Kampung Tunku dan D’sara.

  5. BRMAN says:

    you have my support jean. Dap and the people is fully behind you. All those corruptions did happened since 1990’s, ask Nadeswaran of SUN. that MCA fella must be sleeping if he says he didn’t knows what is going on when he is a Mppj councillor. I hate idiots like that. we must make sure these hypocrites does not win in the election. The people did just that ie. rejected him! Well done DAP, PKR, PAS.

  6. fernandez says:

    After reading all the above, I find it rather amusing. I also sense some subtle threat and warning issued here.
    A typical BN representative. Why is he so defensive when Jean only mentioned MBPJ and not him personally as being corrupted save except for keeping silent on all those controversial issues?
    Please….. even the PM is subject to harsh evaluation and comments. If one want to be a politician, one must be open and accept public scrutinity.
    A politician must be likeable and not behaving arrogance and high and almighty.…. This is precisely the type of politician, the rakyat will rejects always. My advise to this politician wannabe…if you are too sensitive to public comments, stay out of politics.

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