Tony Pua vs Chew Mei Fun

Bonus Clip

Tony Pua and Chew Mei Fun get interviewed by Malaysiakini to state their stand on National issues

Excerpt from the interview

Will you support that Petronas’ accounts be made public?
Chew: I thought they already have their annual report. I thought the annual report is actually the accounts for (listed) companies to disclose to everybody.

Will you support the idea of abolishing the New Economic Policy (NEP)?
Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended. The most important thing is that we must make sure that […] you can actually help one particular race but in the expense of the other race. Everybody must be given a chance to have their own business and work together to create a win-win situation.

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1. Will you support the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)?
Chew: Yeah, I do agree with the setting up of the IPCMC.

Pua: Absolutely. The reason is very simple. We need to increase the credibility of the police force, we need to ensure that the police treat all victims as innocent until proven guilty. The police needs to be (subjected ) to laws themselves. There have been too many cases where the police have been abusing the laws in order to extract, say for example, confessions of the victims.

2. Will you support the implementation of local council elections?
Chew: There (are) many ways to make sure that local councils perform and from what I know the government is looking into the method of appointment of councillors.

Pua: Absolutely. That is one of our platform in this campaign. The reason why MPs and state assemblymen in Malaysia are forced to do some of the work of local councils is simply because local councillors are not effective. They are not effective because they are not accountable to the public and (as such) they do things according to their own personal vested interest. So local council elections can be introduced so they will be accountable to the people and if they are not, they can be booted out in the next elections.

3. Will you support that Petronas’ accounts be made public?
Chew: I thought they already have their annual report. I thought the annual report is actually the accounts for (listed) companies to disclose to everybody.

Pua: Absolutely. I think it is important because Petronas controls a huge amount of wealth of the nation. Oil resource of the country belongs to the people and Petronas being the agent that manages the oil wealth of the country must be transparent for the people in order to show that the money has been invested and reinvested and distributed fairly.

4. Will you support the idea of retaining subsidies of oil and other essential items?
Chew: Yes, I think so.

Pua: I think the subsidy system at this point in time needs to be readjusted as such that it benefits the poor and marginalised more and less so the wealthy. So for example the subsidy system in existence benefits more of the wealthy because they use the product more, then it is an unfair allocation of resources.

So we believe in a system whereby grants are given directly to the poor and to the lower middle income to cope with the rising price increases. They are targetted and controlled, you won’t find leakages. For example our subsidised diesel being sold by fishermen from Malaysia to Indonesian fishermen. So that is the problem with the existing subsidy system and those need to be resolved.

5. Will you support universities to be autonomous or agree to the abolishing of the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA) 1971?

Chew: I think university students to concentrate in (their) studies is something (that) they should focus on. But if there (are) weaknesses in the Act, then (there is) no harm to review and do some adjustment or some amendment.

Pua: I subscribe to the policy that the UUCA must be abolished. It does not make sense for the university to restrict the thoughts and inquiry of the students. Students must not be taught to think only in a certain way or prevented from being politically active for being politically active actually increases their awareness and critical thinking as well as their analytical skills to enable them to be more adaptable to the global environment when they graduate.

6. Will you support the idea of an Islamic state being established in Malaysia?
Chew: Under the constitution, everybody has freedom of religion. Islam is just the official religion, that’s all. But Pak Lah (Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) has already said that we are not an Islamic state and we go according to the constitution. The most important thing is according to the constitution. I think we are a secular state if you ask me.

Pua: Absolutely not. We believe that a multiracial and multicultural country such as Malaysia has to provide protection to all religions such as the freedom of worship. We believe that the best form of government to protect all religions including the official religion is actually a secular state.

7. Will you support the setting-up of the Inter-faith Council or a Non-Muslim Affairs Department?
Chew: The (BN) manifesto already answers your question.

Pua: Yes, certainly. I think the more we understand each other’s culture, religion and practices, the more we are able to live in harmonious terms with one another. When there is a lack of understanding, chances of conflict and misunderstanding would be a lot higher.

8. Will you support the call that the Anti-Corruption Agency be placed under Parliament?
Chew: I think we need to make sure the ACA carry out their work fairly and (transparently) and make sure that they actually take action to investigate whatever, whoever (that are) involved with corruption. If you ask me, in my own opinion, yeah, I agree but this depends. Any how the government still needs to study and many of the issues (are) not that straightforward.

Pua: Yes. I think it is silly for the ACA to be placed under the Prime Minister’s office because then it is subjected to tampering, instructions and lobbying by the PM’s office. So under the Parliament which is elected by the people, it should have greater independence.

9. Will you support the idea of abolishing the Internal Security Act (ISA)?
Chew: I think the ISA somehow on some occasions does work like what happened in America. Before that they didn’t have ISA and after the 9/11 (attacks), they now have their own. That’s why this all depends and (it’s) very subjective.

Pua: Yes. It is a draconian law for the simple fact that you are detaining people for months and years without access to fair trial. I think that breaches the natural laws of justice founded since ages ago. Everybody should be given a fair day in court if they are charged as terrorist, then they must be proven to be terrorists before they are jailed for a long time.

10. Will you support public assemblies being held without needing to apply for police permits?
Chew: I think police permits is a must in order to make the situation under control and everybody must be responsible.

Pua: Yes I do but on condition. I accept that no permit needs to be required but in the interest of public safety the police needs to be informed and it should be given sufficient time for preparation to ensure that traffic is orderly, the crowd is well controlled and well behaved but they are there to see through a peaceful assembly rather than to prevent a peaceful assembly from happening.

11. Will you support the idea of fixing a minimum wage for workers?
Chew: Yeah, why not? I mean there are so many levels […] that it is not so straightforward to fix a minimum wage. But for those lower income (groups), I think we should, just to draw them (out) from poverty.

Pua: I think we support an idea whereby there must be a fair wage for workers and I think in order to not place a higher burden on employers it is important for the government to step in to ensure that these workers who are having wages below that of a reasonable level are subsidiesed additionally to make sure that they make sufficient monthly income to make ends meet.

12. Will you support the idea of abolishing the New Economic Policy (NEP)?
Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended. The most important thing is that we must make sure that […] you can actually help one particular race but in the expense of the other race. Everybody must be given a chance to have their own business and work together to create a win-win situation.

Pua: Absolutely. We believe that the NEP as it stands today favours the rich, wealthy and influential particularly from the bumiputra community. It does not benefit the bulk majority of the bumiputras as well as the non-bumiputras in this country. So inequality in the country has been increasing rapidly and only with opposition and it’s replacement with a policy that focuses on merit and needs, will the equality be reduced.


38 Responses to Tony Pua vs Chew Mei Fun

  1. vcxzhps says:

    Chew “what to says” Mei Fun is non committal in her replies. Big bro’ BN is watching her replies!
    Phrases like “I think so”, “I thought”, “the Manifesto already answers your question” show that she really do not read nor fully understand BN’s manifesto or their policies.
    She only understands the longkang, potholes and garbage issues which are not even 100% satisfactory.

  2. p44hing says:

    A simple Q&A shows you who deserve to go to parliament.

  3. aurazero88 says:

    Stupid CMF, dont even know how to answer a question….really useless lah she..

    GO tony pua, all the best in the upcoimng election

  4. With her poor, broken ‘Zainuddin Mydin’ type of English, the pathetic answers she gives show that she has no opinion of her own. Answers like “I thought the NEP has already ended” show that she must have been sleeping on her duty and responsibility just like her “big-eared” master. Yes, she is better off taking care of ‘longkangs’, potholes and garbage rather than what has been claimed by her party in protecting the rights of the Chinese Malaysians.

  5. Johnson Toh Siong Pang says:

    I will vote for Tony. And i don’t think i no longer need to explain why. CMF is fit to be a Fried Mee Hun seller, no more than that.

  6. Johnson Toh Siong Pang says:

    i think she is very concern all pj utara chinese will fall into longkang if she is not elected…..

  7. Daniel says:

    Its amazing she is a candidate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She seems like she dont know anything!

  8. PJ Citizen says:

    Aiyooo… Ms Chew…Petronas is NOT A PUBLIC LISTED COMPANY !.. mana ada “ANNUAL REPORT” available to public???… simple thing also don’t know.. how to “represent” the people?.. Only Petronas Dagang and Petronas Gas is publicly listed…

    Which era are you from? NEP is still ON !..

  9. anilsharma says:

    Oh my GOD. i guess my 16y/o can answer better then CMY.How on earth is she gonna help us, if she does not even know the facts.
    That only shows,this is some sort of a JOKE,Get a ticket to b rich tactic by certain quarters.

  10. jonwon says:

    CMF… very familiar abbreviations for something.. anyone?!?

  11. CMF says:

    My name is Chew Mei Fun.

  12. CMF says:

    CMF : “the accident puncture one of my brain vessel”

  13. adam stanley says:

    First class candidate with substance (ho liau & certainly not bo liau).

  14. after8 says:

    She doesn’t have her own stand on the issues and doesn’t know the facts. How is she going to voice up for RAKYAT in parliment. Reject this type of MP. Let her contest as local council candidate when the local council election is implemented. She is better in looking after drainage.
    We see future in this country with MP like Tony Pua. PJU voters, vote and support for Tony Pua.

  15. Anti Johnson Toh says:

    Halo, Johnson Toh, no personnal attack to CMF, her family really run a hawker biz before, if u so good y u din com out to contest, to protest the government, to protect the citizen…USELESS MAN in the world

  16. Anti Johnson Toh says:

    Wei, J.T (father of J.E), when u wan to sell Johnson2 baby sampoo

  17. bao4583 says:

    cant belive that what the answer have CMF give us. better go back and take over your fimily hawker biz….

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  19. Give a Damn Now says:

    I can see that Chew Mei Fun is trying very hard to be careful on what she says. And really, her knowledge is something that need to be improved on. Don;t get me wrong, I am not a MCP. It is a positive thing to see ladies being involved politically or professionally. but I thought she would know more than this level. Perhaps, she is really a hard worker and really putting her heart in PJU residents.

    If solely on this Q&A, Tony wins hands-down. Should Tony win, one advice, work properly, take care of PJU at the same time drum up national issues. Do not betray the trust of the people.

  20. Shah Rukh Tan says:

    There must come a time when we have to admit that CMF could only contribute so much on national policies. it is very shameful to hear her response on NEP.

    Am totally ashamed of myself to have given my vote to you, CMF in the last election. U r Member of Parliment, not Mending Potholes.

  21. ewdmy says:

    Will you support the idea of abolishing the Internal Security Act (ISA)?

    Chew: I think the ISA somehow on some occasions does work like what happened in America. Before that they didn’t have ISA and after the 9/11 (attacks), they now have their own. That’s why this all depends and (it’s) very subjective.

    Chew say wanna keep the ISA!! It is a shame to a chinese educated and a malaysian chinese. The government use ISA on the communist, when communist no more, the governement use ISA on the people who fight for chinese primary school during 1987. Ops Lalang!!!

  22. ewdmy says:

    sorry but i have to say CMF , STFU !!

  23. adam stanley says:

    Are We in the right mind to have Candidates of the 70’s and karaoke candidates (eg. p…….. k…) representing the rakyat in the year 2008 ?
    Did anybody encourage these (many of them) candidates of the 70s to enrol in the life long learning class ?
    If theeeeeeese were to attend life long learning classes, we will have less candidates to choose from and our life will be better.

    bo liau … not only ‘got’ liau … but ho liau ah !

  24. poorsingaporefriedbeehoon says:

    aiya, the answer is either yes or no.

    if you were to to say yes or no, probably you can get higher marks.

    I thot you no allealy.

    never mind, try again.

  25. Low Mai Chee says:

    All my God! I can’t believe what I see. Is that the MP that represent PJ North for the last two term? Sure? The way she answer the question looks like someone who doesn’t understand the events of the nation. Are you sure MCA doesn’t have someone better to represent the people?

  26. When I watch this interview, I ask myself if this is a joke. How can such people like Chew Mei Fun represent the people! Can’t speak at all! Even delivered in mandarin also so lousy. Look at the MCA candidate for Seputeh, also another one with no brains!

  27. Amy says:

    I “thought” she didn’t aware is an General Election, she “thought” is the local Council election, CMF we will inform you if there is a local councilor election, no worries we trust you can be a very good local councillor.

  28. Tsunami Ipoh says:

    Hi CMF,
    You don’t look like a graduate,t robaby younee t equip yoursf with more political updates. Please check withthe opposition what is the curent isues hat need to be address. Th reply to M’sia Kini, is no whthe peoples powr wnats to hear.

    I think CMF, need to work as love- matching agent, cos she is an O V,hopefully true but she her self could not find one, so all PJ Utara citizens go all out to supportTony Pua as CMF does not knows anything about politics. This is the type of candidte where Ong Ca Cing and Ong Ka Chan or Ham Ka Chan like o have cos she does not know how o object
    So lets us deny BN 2/3 MAJORITY.

  29. william.M says:

    Short form for CMF=’char mee hoon’ hokkien dialect, haha! how to be a representative in parliment?

  30. william.M says:

    Short form for CMF=’chao mai fun’ cantonese dialect, haha!
    She is qualified to enter as a student in MCA’s ‘Life-Long learning’class.

  31. freewillie says:

    now she’s not an MP, she’ll suitable for mppj though

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  35. Annemarie Tapaha says:

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  36. Lisa Henry says:

    Yet another good post. I put in a plug for your blog at mine. Anyway, I think most people forget the points you are discussing.

  37. […] economy, malaysia Chew Mei Fun, the former Member of Parliament for PJ Utara, said in the run-up to the March 2008 General Elections: “I thought the NEP has already […]

  38. Thomas Topan says:

    Hey, i was just wondering how you managed to get such a good domain name?

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