DAP Candidate Election Video

Jenice Lee Ying Ha – DAP Candidate for N.22 Teratai
Edward Lee Poh Lin – DAP Candidate for N.34 Bukit Gasing
Teo Nie Ching – DAP Candidate for P.102 Serdang


2 Responses to DAP Candidate Election Video

  1. Kong YY says:

    Dear Ms Teo Nie Ching – Serdang MP

    First of all congrats for your recent victory.

    I’m staying at Seksyen 7, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi which is under your jurisdiction. Before the election, the BN machinery have built a container for the campaigning use on the open air children playground. I have complaint to MPKj and they have replied that the approval was given but they have to dismantle the container on or before 20th March 2008.

    As at todate, the container is still there. Beside being a eye sore and deprieving the children there the already small open air playground, the container does not have any basic amenities such as toilet. There have been incident that open urination by the worker during construction time as well as volunteers during campaigning time have been seen by resident living behind the container.

    Sincerely hope that you can help to fasten the dismantling of the container.

    Thank you and Regards
    Kong YY

  2. Moises Brennan says:


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