Lim Guan Eng’s message to all Malaysians


16 Responses to Lim Guan Eng’s message to all Malaysians

  1. CS says:

    I have a letter for you.. Mr Lim… hope you can read it.. It is under my blog…

    Hope you will make changes to Malaysians…..

  2. CoolmanNinja from Australia says:

    Congratulations.. !!! It took 50 long years to be on the front line today. To all candidates, you have won the confidence and mandate to prove how Malaysians have been fooled by BN-branded democracy.

    Malaysia belongs to Malaysian and not Government nor BN.

    Winning this democracy in Malaysia is utmost essential, at least it partially detonates the hidden time bomb democratically and avoiding the snowballing of political tensions under the carpet which otherwise may burst anytime in future.

    However, pls be warned that this victory does not win you political immunity indefinitely. It’s wise to sit down to draft a set of performance plans for all winning candidates now.

    Remember :
    i) Always set your personal interest behind – (ie No conflict of interest hence no corruption)
    ii) Promote transparent governance – (eg Rakyat owns absolute right to be knowledgeable of numbers Government spends)
    iii) Freedom of speech (Remember ? Malaysia = Malaysian Government)
    iv) No room for complacency today (Malaysia has 50 years of fractures and ruptures you need to fix)

    Lastly, celebrate now and start working immediately afterwards. Congratulations !!!

  3. CoolmanNinja from Australia says:

    Correction to above:

    iii) Freedom of speech (Remember ? Malaysia = Malaysian not equal Government
    (not eqaul sign was omitted by system)

  4. JJL says:

    Dear Lim Guan Eng, Penang people have given you their trust to make you lead Penang for the first time, including myself + 6 votes of my family all voted in Air Puteh State seat to you. I hope you can perform as per our Penang people expectation.

    1)Make MNCs stay, attract more to come
    2)Revise the PGCC projects to smaller scale, make sure Penang people really benefit from it.
    3)Revise PORR term and condition, make sure Penang people really benefit from it.
    4)Improve security of Penang, make your presence more in your Air Puteh seat.
    5)Tranparency of the state goverment.
    6)Improve public transportation.

    The list will go on, i guess you have it

    5 years will gone very fast, please speed up and show the result to Penang people, if you miss this golden 5 years, I guess Penang people will have no choise, will think of changing state gov, DAP will have to wait another 40 years.

  5. sl says:

    Congratulations for the victory. Your persistency proves we have democracy in Malaysia.
    In fact, as a Penagite, I feel honor to have DAP leaders coming to Penang battling in the election and giving us a hope. This is a shown of your trust in us and we have confidence in you as proven in the GE2008 results.
    In coming 3 months, it will be a critical period for everyone (DAP party, Penang & Malaysia). As part of the strategic process forming Penang government, hope our new Penang CM will listen to the NGO for advice and be open to acquire inputs from the public through any mean especially through the net (which has huge influence to the success of this election).
    Wish all of us have a better future in coming years.

  6. yap says:

    Kindly suggest Anwar Ibrahim to have a by election Perak SA. So that he can be a Menteri Besar rather than PAS. A temporary Menteri Besar for this moment.

  7. Lyn says:

    To all DAP members,

    Congratulations for the victory! We’d like to see the New Gov that is effective and efficient. Of coz, no corruption!

  8. Lyn says:

    To all DAP members,

    Congratulations for the victory! we just made it! We’d like to see a new gov that is effective and efficient. Of coz, no corruption! Frankly speaking, Penang situation is really bad now. We really need solutions for us to hv a better place to stay as in better economy, safety and developed. We’re very excited to see what can you change from old Penang.

    You can do it! You hv our support!

  9. Cynthia Yeoh says:

    Dear Mr. Lim Guan Eng,
    Congratulations for the victory!
    As a Penangite, I hope you can perform as per our Penang people expectation.

    Like above said:
    1) Make MNCs stay, attract more new investors.
    2) Improve security of Penang.
    3) Tranparency of the state goverment.
    4) Improve public transportation.
    5) Big NO NO to corruption!
    6) Shine Penang!

    Please speed up and show the results to us and you will have all our support.

  10. CA says:

    The people had voice up.
    They wanted transparency.

    Fight for justice and do not be the second “id10t” bodohwi.
    Started with BIG NO NO Corruption and turns out to be the head of corrupter among the BN team.

    Please investigate why that “stup1d” Penang Bridge always losing money. Investigate why there must be a tol hike. Stop all this nonsense. We are counting on you to make Penang the best state among others.

    DAP now have a chance to prove themselves after 50 years. If screw up this time, I guess Opposition will have to wait another 50 years.

  11. June Goh says:

    Congratulation for becoming CM of PG!!


    C = Care for penangite’s benefits !
    H = Handle and solve the people’s problem !
    A = Appreciate the votes and do your best to retain it otherwise 5 years from now you will need to step down and let other people lead !
    N = No Corruption, please and never !
    G = Guarantee you must do what you had promised before the election !
    E = Enable everybody lives in peace and harmony – Low crime rate and high job opportunity !


  12. bow says:

    BA , Penangites has given your alliance a chance to train to be a ruling government instead of opposition on state level, you need to learn quickly and fulfill all your election pledges to the people, if you do that right, people power will reward your alliance more states to govern the next election instead of the corrupt power, don’t blow this opportunity and trust Penagites entrusted to you.

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