Tsu Koon and Guan Eng at Press Conference


5 Responses to Tsu Koon and Guan Eng at Press Conference

  1. yap says:

    suggest that appoint Zulkifli Md Noor as senator in Penang, Ahmad Ton in Perak, Uthayar Kumar in Selangor, P. Ramasamy as deputy CM and Deputy for Keadilan. This is to show that DAP is a multi racial party.

  2. dylsee says:

    I have great, great respect for Tan Sri Koh, for he is a man who can accept the people’s decision and accept his responsibility for the loss of seats of his party as well as state government. I think that is the quality of a good leader. He deserved our applause for the courage to speak. I hope and pray that he will be playing important role in advising Guan Eng on how to run a state government.

    I heard that Tan Sri has also spent time to take care of his wife, and I wish her healthy and wish Tan Sri will have wonderful life after the election. I often don’t want to address a person Tan Sri, but Koh Tsu Koon is different. He is a good man, and a good husband. To that, he deserves my respect for the title of Tan Sri.

    Best wishes to you, Tan Sri, and to Guan Eng for the very very challenging task ahead.

    DAP supporter.

  3. pg says:


    I dont think you are a DAP supporter. While i agree with you Tsu Koon deserve a praise on accepting his defeat, i would not want him to advice Guan Eng on how to run a state goverment. If you are a true DAP supporter, you would have known that the reason he is voted out in the first place, is because he fail his job as a Chief Minister. He basically did nothing much for Penang, and that is the reason Penangites turn their back on him. And asking Guan Eng to get advice from Tsu Koon to run a goverment is really a joke.
    Please do not be emotional. Tsu Koon might be a good man, but that doesnt mean he is a good chief minister.

  4. bow says:

    With this Batu Kelapas guy telling him what he can do or not for Penang, and only help Penangites in need based on race and religion, how can this Tan seri koh do a good job for Penangites, he is so subservient to the racist politic player?

  5. jeff says:

    Mr LGE, try not to get advice from this past C.M, he is partly responsible to all these miserable conditions we Penangites are in now, he is no comparison to you, as you got the gut and brave enough to stand up against the corrupt power which he is so lack of , see all these nasty things the corrupt power did to you when you try to seek justice for the weak.

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